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Coaching is rewarding, but coaching can be challenging.

Well, challenging, if you have lofty goals. And if you’ve chosen to take action to make those goals a reality.

That’s the journey we’re on.

  • What activities should I use?
  • How do I properly execute said activities?
  • Why does everything I taught my players go out the window on game day?
  • How can I make my players fully buy in to what I’m doing and saying? How can I get them to bleed for me on the field?
  • I wish I could just go into any training session feeling supremely confident – in total command and control of my army, my team.
  • I need better players. How can I get them?

I mean, together, we could go on forever listing out the challenges coaches face at every level.

But here’s the thing, there are ways to put you in the drivers seat.

This conference is the next stage in our strategy to help coaches tackle their obstacles.

We’ve written articles, published videos, held clinics, and opened an online coaching education program.

But now it’s in person. Not just with us, but with other speakers, and with the community of coaches who are all on the same journey.

There is no supplement to connecting in person.

The pursuit of excellence is on. Join us in Vegas, and let’s crush through the obstacles together.

Delaying action is the destroyer of lofty goals

So the time is now, sign up below and make sure you’re part of this event, because I don’t know if or when we’ll do another one.

Oh, and we are capping the event to a limited number. We want this to be an intimate gathering for plenty of one on one with speakers and potent, long-lasting, network connections.

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We’re bringing Hans Schonhofer in from Spain

Hans SchonhoferHe’s coached professionals at Español.
He was a scout for Villareal’s pro and youth teams.
And he’s been developing the youth in Spain for a long time.

Now he runs an entire club, Junior F.C., in Catalonia.

Hans has a wealth of practical experience and expertise in Spanish soccer methodology.

You’ll be able to tap into and connect with an invaluable resource.

Take advantage of this opportunity – it doesn’t come every day, if ever.
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